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Crystal Activated Candles

Δ 100% natural coconut wax blend + essential oil fragrance blend.  Reusable white matte jar with embossed gold and bamboo lid. Each candle comes with your own keepsake card with crystal properties and care instructions.

Δ Each crystal is hand-selected and charged under the California sun.  When your candle is finished, remove the crystals, rinse with hot water and soap, pat dry with a soft towel. Use for meditation, reiki, chakra healing and to manifest your highest intentions. They’re beautiful to look at, too — display them in a special place, or carry them with you. Use your crystals together to amplify their unique vibrational energies.

Δ We know Mother Nature is sacred and honor her divinity — our products are mindfully sourced, packaged and always skin safe and free of paraffin, phthalates, additives and artificial dyes.